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A complete 5 search systems station in one device specialized in the detection of underground gold, treasures, ancient antiquities, voids, caves, and tombs.

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Good news for the researchers of gold, buried treasures, ancient monuments, graves, caves, and tombs in the ground.
Finally the hard work and the random searching are over! we put at your disposal the latest and the best technology, your dream is becoming a reality! You can now find gold, diamonds, gems, buried treasures ancient monuments and cemeteries, archaeological caves and all types of burials underground.
TITAN GER -1000 multi-systems to look for underground treasure,
contains a complete search station, 5 search systems in one device.
GER DETECT company put all the high-tech in this device to be the first in the market, the technical features of this device are a dream for all prospectors and explorers around the world.
Our experts developed the TITAN GER – 1000 to solve all the big problems which the prospectors are facing with the devices deployed in the market.
Now for the first time, the new technology in this device works with five different search systems, the depth is up to 45 meters underground and 2500 meters front range.


This system is very accurate in identifying, discriminating and monitoring the signal and guide you to the target by steering digital screen of the device.
When a target is detected, its direction will appear on the screen and the user can walk towards the detected target, even stand up on its exact perimeter, and confine it to an area of 1 square meter. High accuracy in identifying the type of detected metal.
You can also select one of the metals in the search process list, such as gold, natural gold, copper, silver, bronze, iron, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, cavity, aluminum or lead.
You can determine the front range of the device, starting from 500 meters, 1000 ,1500, 2000, or 2500 meters with a depth of 45 meters under the ground.


Gold, treasures, and burials after being underground for a longtime, they overlap and interact with the soil and the nature of the land and they form magnetic north-south lines and they issue what we call an ionic field.
One of the most advanced features of this system, you no longer need long walks and random search in the vast lands: you just need to run the device on the ionic detection system: when you point the device to the ground, the device will emit an alarm sound to confirm the existence of the object then you can move towards the detected target, till you stand in its exact place, then you mark it and confine it to an area of one square meter.


Many innovative technical features have been added and developed to this new device:
Scanning all the ground layers and showing image from 3 different directions on the screen of the device.
Full results to illustrate the target underground from 3 directions, from the side, the bottom and top, to clarify and show everything like gold, metals, buried treasures, caves, spaces, voids, and graves.
It shows the depth of all undiscovered targets in centimeters, the device software shows the beginning and end of the target depth.


This system searches for magnetic metals such as iron, this system allows you to know if there are any non-precious metals underground.
The depth of magnetometer system is up to 45 meters underground.


The device works on pulse induction system frequency.
It penetrates the ground to a depth which is difficult for many other devices to reach.
The Best and latest technology of pulse induction systems to detect buried gold, antiquarian treasures, tunnels, caves, and precious coins underground.
In addition, there is an automatic calibration feature with the ground to ensure that the device will not be affected with the interference caused by wet soil, metal rock or hard ground.

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 68 × 30 × 50 cm
Made in

Ger Detect – Germany


Two years’ warranty from the date of purchase German industry first class according to international standards


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