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Specialized in underground water detection

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Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus Device with geological and long-range systems, the first detector of its kind worldwide to detect underground water.
We congratulate the farmers, agricultural land investors, researchers, and explorers of groundwater and wells under the ground, for releasing our latest and unique device: Fresh Result 2 Systems.
GER DETECT company proudly offers you the world-latest accuracy and high-resolution technology: for search, detection, identification, and filtering targets, Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus Device with geological and long-range systems.
The device depth of up to 1200 meters underground and a front range of 2,000 meters, with the possibility of determination of the water type whether it is (fresh – salty – very salty).
possibility of research in four different types of soil (sandy – clay – rocky – mixed).
Fresh Result 2 Systems Plus Device with advanced technology to detect and identify water sources underground.


This high-accurate system is able to determine water sources and locations from a long distance.
-When a target is detected, the user can move to track it until he stands up completely, he can confine it to an area of 1 square meter.
-Ability to determine the front range of the device starting from 500 meters or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 meters and a depth of 1200 meters underground.
The device works in four languages (German – English – French – Arabic).
When the device is running, you can choose one of the languages and determine the front range.
When capturing the target, the device will head to it, the user can walk up to reach the target and stand up completely on it within a confined area of 1 square meter, identify the depth by meter, and centimeter.


It has been added to this system a lot of innovative technology and new features.
-Scanning all the ground layers to a depth of 1200 meters and displaying the results found on the high-quality colored screen of the device, showing the water density and its type (fresh – salty – very salty), showing its beginning, and its end depth value by meter and centimeter.
The device is characterized as an automatic ground balancing system in order to be set on any type of soil.
-This device has been designed and developed to detect water underground.
-The device works with all the different fields to ensure the explorer reaches the target easily and efficiently.

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Weight 11 kg
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Ger Detect – Germany


Two years’ warranty from the date of purchase German industry first class according to international standards