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  • Gold And Metal Detectors

    Titan Ger – 1000 Device

    Underground Gold , Metal and Treasures Detector

    Full search station of 5 search systems in one device.
    To uncover the buried treasures in the ground.
    The Modern and unique technology in the world.
    One device contains a complete search station of 5 systems in one device.
    To search for gold and buried treasures and ancient monuments and tunnels and caves and tombs in the ground.
    TITAN …

  • Gold And Metal Detectors

    Deep Seeker Device

    Five search systems in one device to detect internal treasures

    Five search systems in one device.
    To uncover the underground wealth and treasures.
    It is the first of its kind in the world to work with five specialized systems to uncover the treasures, precious metals, ancient monuments, and underground caves.
    Deep seeker Five different search systems with one device:
    1- Ionic fields search system.
    2- Magnetic …

  • Gold And Metal Detectors

    Easy Way Smart Dual System Device

    underground metal and cavity scanner

    The smallest device with a radar sensing system and 3D imaging system, completely concealable.
    Easy Way Smart Dual System Device is one of the best German industries and it has CE certificate according to international standards.

  • Gold And Metal Detectors

    Gold Seeker Device

    Gold seeker with Pulse Induction System

    Gold seeker device powered Pulse Induction System.
    The system is the easiest to use and the latest and most accurate to detect gold, gold nuggets, rough gold and ancient coins in the ground.
    Gold seeker is a system that discriminate between precious and non-precious metals.
    The device is small in size, light weight and easy to use.
    This device …

  • Gold And Metal Detectors

    Gold Hunter Device

    long range treasure locator

    Multi-properties for detecting diamonds, gems, underground metals.
    Long range device for detection of gold, gold nuggets, diamonds, silver a, gemstones and underground caves.
    Easy to use, accuracy in performance, light weight, front range of device 2000 meters Square the device reaches a depth of 35 meters under the ground.
    The device works in four languages: German, English, French, Arabic.